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Power maintenance dialysis machine

Dialysis machine maintenance dialysis machine repair power

Hemodialysis machine blood monitoring alarm system is divided into two parts, and the dialysis fluid supply system. Blood alarm monitoring system comprising a blood pump, heparin pump, air movement and monitoring pulse monitoring; dialysate supply system includes a temperature control system with system liquid, degassing systems, the conductivity monitoring system, monitoring and blood leakage monitoring ultrafiltration component. Its working principle is: dialysis concentrates and dialysis water supply system through the dialysate preparation to qualified dialysate through the dialyzer blood, and the blood of the patient monitoring alarm system leads to blood solute diffusion, permeation and ultrafiltration; after effects the patient's blood through the blood to return patient monitoring alarm system, while the dialysis liquid waste after use as discharged from the dialysate supply system; continue ad infinitum, to complete the whole process of dialysis.

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