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One hundred sound ultrasound

ab ™ 15/20 is Yum latest compact ultrasound system control panel.

MyLab ™ 15 and MyLab ™ 15 CW are two high-performance color Doppler ultrasound, can be reduced to black and white with super.

MyLab ™ 20 and MyLab ™ 20 PLUS is a high-sensitivity color Doppler platform.

With real-time three synchronous, real-time double width. The modern powerful diagnostic tools and high-performance high-quality two-dimensional image transducer can meet a variety of specialized medical field.

MyLab ™ 15/20 can be equipped with convex array, linear array and intracavitary probe, including Yum exclusive big fan 200 ° wide viewing angle of the probe.

Support USB interface, support for embedded USB storage images quickly and easily excuse. Real-time dynamic image storage, playback, and can output images in various formats via USB or printer.

Yum Yum maintenance ultrasound color Doppler ultrasound accessories sales Yum Yum Yum color Doppler ultrasound monitor power supply repair service

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Yum Esaote
Yum company in Italy to limb joints MRI and ultrasound products and famous. Expensive prices of their products , sales are not high . Their products My Lab Series update very quickly. TOSHIBA affected by their marketing strategies are starting to become very aggressive . Began to invest heavily in the region in many regions , the establishment of the market . MyLab 20, MyLab 25, MyLab 30, MyLab 40 (2007年), MyLab 50 (2005年), MyLab 60, MyLab 70, MyLab 90. Part of the same number of similar products movement, the probe can be common.
MyLabClass desktop ultrasound .
Portable ultrasound MyLabFive, MyLab 25Gold, MyLab30.
MyLab30Gold ophthalmology ultrasound .
Handheld black and white super MyLabGuide
Portable touch screen ultrasound MyLabOne
MyLabTwice (2010 ) was the main push their products, claiming double platform. Ultrasonic images can be wireless transmission. Wifi on the display next to the portable ultrasound MyLabSat.
MyLabSat can get elsewhere portable consultation .
CnTI CEUS technology. Has been the pursuit of high frequency linear array . Width of the current 3-22MHz UHF radiation .
Has MyLabVinco Technology ( 2010 )
Yum also actively operating overseas mergers and acquisitions , the acquisition of the French Kangqiang Kontron ultrasound . Establishment or shares a lot of branches overseas.

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