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Recruiting part-time ultrasonography Maintenance Engineer

Our company specializes in sales and maintenance of the brand ultrasound, is due to work requirements, long-term needs of part-time maintenance engineers, it is best to have the parts themselves can always travel ultrasound engineer! Aloka ultrasound requires a lot of maintenance engineers, maintenance engineers need a lot Hitachi ultrasound, ultrasound Yum requires a lot of maintenance engineers, maintenance engineers need a small amount of ultrasound Siemens, GE ultrasound requires a small amount of maintenance engineers, maintenance engineers need a small Philips ultrasound, Toshiba ultrasound maintenance engineers need a small amount of McGrady fast ultrasound maintenance engineers need a small amount, Sono maintenance engineers need a small amount of ultrasonic sound, Fukuda maintenance engineers need a small amount of ultrasound, ultrasound Shimadzu need a small amount of maintenance engineers, maintenance engineers Kangqiang ultrasound requires a small amount, Mindray ultrasound maintenance engineers need a small amount. Those who engage in ultrasound maintenance engineers can contact me, and finally in need of special attention is that my company hiring a part-time maintenance engineer without pay, an on-site repairs to end once the money please! Phone 13391816794 Huang QQ283536127

B-cleaning and maintenance procedures
First, check the boot
(1) Open the Start power, inspection equipment, operation function is normal, if there is an error message.
Configuration name (2) of the recording apparatus, model, hardware and software version, and the probe.
(3) asks the user to use the device.
(4) off.
Second, remove the external parts of equipment, disconnect all cables connected to the device
(1) The B-power cord from the plug, cut off the power supply of the device.
(2) Carefully remove the probe from the connector, and placed into the appropriate place to save.
Prevent falls, collisions, pulling cables and other unexpected events
(3) If the B-equipped printers, video recorders and other external devices, these devices should be from demolition, separated from the host.
(4) will be connected with the B-signal lines, control lines disconnected.
Note the cable connector locations for future recovery.
Fourth, demolition equipment
(1) In order to achieve effective dust removal, the equipment must be removed.
(2) the location of the cable connector is very important, although most of the equipment to prevent incorrect insertion of the device, but still remember to pay attention to the correct connector
If there is no number of sockets and plugs should be photographed or artificial markers.
(3) with the appropriate tools and the right way, the separation equipment enclosure components.
Under the correct operating procedure, the work need not be very
Great effort.
Improper use of violence by dismantling and demolition of the way, will result in equipment damage.
(4) Remove the screws and other components under the store must be careful not lost.
Fifth, the dust
(1) the use of high pressure air to remove dust.
(2) the key part of the dust include:
?? Supply chassis
?? Circuit board chassis
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?? Filter
?? Fan unit
?? Keyboards, TGC controller and trackball
Sixth, clean
(1) Use high-quality towels and mild detergent for cleaning the device surface and probe.
(2) When cleaning the probe, be careful not to pull on the cable.
(3) can not be washed with water filter.
If you must wash the filter must be such as to fully dry before you can install on the machine.
(4) the use of a wet towel, wring it should be noted that, to prevent water droplets into the interior of the machine.
Seven, re-assembly and power
(1) Reassemble the removed parts back to the machine.
(2) carefully check the cable connections, ensure that the correct firm.
(3) Check all the removed parts and screws have been installed on the device.
(4) the peripheral devices and cables reassembled to its original state.
(5) boot, note the startup process equipment, and then check the function of the system.
Eight ends
(1) by a customer representative functional testing of the machine, confirm the work status of the device properly.
(2) to restore the site to its original condition and clean.
(1) over the course of the work, under conditions permitting, at the invitation of the hospital's engineers follow-up observations.
(2) Avoid touching electronic components.
Such as contact components, be sure to use an anti-static wrist strap or other effective anti-static measures.
(3) Prior to the demolition, an important part of the response to be photographed or recorded, to prevent mistakes when reassembled.

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