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B-ultrasound probe repair maintenance probe answers
Why repair crystal ?
Most internal probe used is a piezoelectric crystal , the crystal will cause long-term use of natural aging, incorrect use or fell , hitting endures strike will cause damage to the crystal , the crystal damage , the image will appear attenuation , shadow, black bars ,
interference , deletion, blind , serious image " blindness " caused can not be diagnosed , the crystal must be replaced at this time , there would be misdiagnosed , affecting diagnostic quality .

Why should promptly lens repair ?
Upper contact probe acoustic lens is dedicated gelatinous substance the body , long-term use can cause wear and tear , scratches, cracks , corrosion, unglued , blistering , especially due to the coupling agent into the lower layer caused by corrosion, will not only result in artifacts , blind spots, and more serious is the damage caused by leakage probe crystal or endanger the patient's body .
Therefore, if the case should promptly contact the service center maintenance to ensure safety in order to avoid greater losses.

Why should housing maintenance ?
Probe case of long-term use can cause cracking of aging or due to human factors and fell , hitting deformed , then due to the destruction of the quality of its shield will cause the image interference, unclear, in severe cases induced current from the front , threatening the patient's body , so to be timely maintenance in order to avoid greater risks and losses.
Practice has proved that early detection and early restoration of economic and cost-effective .
Why should the cable service ?
Probe cable is used high quality requirements of multi-core high- shielded cable , workmanship is very fine, the current use of imported materials , the cable wire tight, there are hundreds more roots , like hair thickness, and therefore , if the use fold the long-term pressure will cause disconnected. When this happens , be sure to send professional repair service center , prohibited private demolition , or post private repair professionals and do not cause more damage and can not be repaired .
So be careful handling to avoid greater losses.

Why should sheath repair ?
   Strengthening the role of the jacket is from the probe and cable connections pouches , an important role is to prevent the cable right angle folding pressure can cause serious damage if the cable is broken , the impact of the image .
Please try to repair damaged sheath early in order to avoid greater losses.
Circuit board repair : In some cases , the boot loading probe or ignition circuit , will make the probe circuit boards, high-voltage switch burned out , the image will have a greater impact.
 No.  Maintenance Content Domestic probe  Import probe
 1  change acoustic lens  1700  3000
 2  exchange matching layer  1700  3000
 3  Maintenance sound head  2000  9000
 4  Conversion Cable  2000  7500
 5  Conversion Case  2000  4000
 6  for-line sets  2000  4000
 7  repair circuit boards  2000  7500
 8  three-dimensional probe    15000
 9  Conversion plug (96p)  3000  4000
 10  Conversion plug (156p)  4000  5000
 11  Conversion plug (260p)  5000  6000

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