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About some of our Q & A!
About Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing Hua Ze Kangnuo some questions and answers !
Q: About to see you find you can repair a variety of medical devices ?
That you are not exaggerated ?

A: We really can repair a variety of medical equipment, medical equipment and most are machine maintenance, some medical devices are accessories maintenance .
When we take into account the establishment of the company is to find some small hospitals repair company is difficult, we are hoping to try the service most medical equipment , rather than just a service -specific medical devices .

Q: So you do miscellaneous , will not professional ?

A: No, because we are basically used by the company 's engineers are factory engineers, engineers familiar with this device , so there is not a professional one said.

Q: So you really can repair a variety of medical devices ?

A : Yes , I can tell you is, as you say a company can not repair all medical devices, but if you do a medical device company more years , but also pay attention to peer data and information collected , then he will be very rich company resources , the result is a rich , you can use your own hands resource services , hospital services . We can repair most medical devices, some engineers are not we tell the truth , many manufacturers are sales engineers , sales engineers , many manufacturers have come to our company to guide us part-time or maintenance .
We are looking for professional people to do the professional thing to do !

Q: What kind of maintenance that much , then you have no primary key business ?

A: Of course, every company will have a main business and other businesses. Our company's main business is the ultrasound image of maintenance, spare parts , probes , accessories, maintenance and other services. Ultrasound business is our core business. The other is to do more defibrillation ECG , respiratory machine type, endoscopic class , radiation and the like. These are my company's own engineers more familiar categories .
Of course, familiar with some of the other engineers can get a lot of their own , but more are some of our part-time factory engineers are doing.

Q: Do you do the medical equipment maintenance training company engineers do ?

A: I currently do not have this side of the business .

Q: how do you join the company's joint venture ?

A: Our company and other companies to join the call to join may not be the same. Most of my business is to join the company's cooperation , information exchange, joint sales , Hang maintenance. I long to welcome the companies or individuals to put your company information or personal data sent to my company. Because my company is still relatively abundant resources , consult our company or hospital more, although most are familiar with the business of our own , but in general there are a considerable part of the business we are not familiar . Not familiar with the business and we hope to help the hospital to find the company to do so all the information sent to my company basically even if I joined the company , after the company propaganda will help your company to advertise your company's business, do not need hospital My company will be free to recommend your company according to the situation or we work together to win the business.

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