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I undertake hospital service agent manufacturers Repairs

Beijing Hua Ze Kangnuo Technology Co., Ltd.

Professional medical equipment maintenance service providers 

Defibrillation ECG monitoring service: Philips monitors, CSI monitors, Welch Allyn monitor, monitor space, GE monitors, Dräger monitors, Nihon Kohden monitors, Mindray monitors and other monitors professional maintenance! Pu U.S. Kang defibrillator, Philips defibrillator, GE defibrillator, Nihon Kohden defibrillator, such as Hewlett-Packard defibrillator defibrillator professional service! Philips ECG machine, GE ECG machine, Nihon Kohden ECG machine ECG professional service! Dynamic recorder repair the brand, the brand of oxygen logger maintenance, repair all brands of blood pressure recorder!
Undertake various brand ECG, monitoring, defibrillation maintenance, sales of the brand ECG, monitoring, defibrillation accessories!

Ventilator anesthesia machine repair: Newport ventilator professional maintenance, repair Respironics ventilator, Siemens ventilator maintenance, Draeger breathing anesthesia maintenance, repair Bird ventilator, Pegasus breathing machine maintenance, repair ventilator Bear brand, BMW ventilator maintenance, repair ResMed ventilators, Tyco ventilator repair, GE anesthesia ventilator machine repair, Fisher & Paykel breathing machine maintenance, Germany BES breathing machine maintenance, Wan Man breathing machine maintenance!
Undertake various brands breathing machine repair, sales of the brand ventilator anesthesia machine parts!

Endoscope Repair: Wolf Brand, Shituo, Stryker, Shun Kang, Zimmer, Squeak, snow force Diane power, Olympus, Granville Chas, Yike Song, Jimmy, Aesculap, such as endoscopic Mirror Repair! Brand high-frequency electric knife maintenance! Maintenance of the brand Argon knife! The brand cold light maintenance! The brand pneumoperitoneum repair! The brand recording instrument and camera repair! Each brand of medical endoscopes hose repair all brands of medical tube endoscopy repair!
Undertake various brand endoscope repair, sales of the brand endoscope accessories!

Testing equipment maintenance: Beckman Coulter test equipment maintenance, SYSMEX Sysmex test equipment maintenance, ABX test equipment maintenance, equipment maintenance inspection Bayer, Abbott test equipment maintenance, Hitachi inspection equipment maintenance, equipment repair US-German invasive testing, Roche test equipment maintenance, and other brands of test equipment repair!
Following the brand inspection equipment maintenance, sales of the brand inspection equipment accessories and bulbs!

DR CR Camera Repair: CR Fuji camera repair, AGFA CR camera repair, maintenance CR Kodak, Konica camera CR repair, Keduonike maintenance!
Undertake the maintenance of the brand DR camera CR, CR film camera sales of the brand, IP board, breast IP board!

Ophthalmic equipment maintenance: MTP (eye) phacoemulsification instrument repair, AMO (AMO) phacoemulsification instrument repair, Alcon phacoemulsification instrument maintenance and other phacoemulsification instrument repair!
Undertake maintenance of various ophthalmic equipment, sells a variety of super milk handle!

Ultrasound maintenance: Siemens ultrasound repair, Philips ultrasound repair, GE ultrasound repair, Hitachi Aloka ultrasound maintenance, repair Samsung Madison ultrasound, ultrasound Yum maintenance, repair Toshiba ultrasound, color Doppler Sono sound maintenance, repair Kangqiang ultrasound, ultrasound repair Neusoft Canada winning service, Thai holy ultrasound repair, maintenance ultrasound love to fly New York, Mindray ultrasound repair, and other brands of ultrasound repair! Ultrasound company's main business is my business, my company to undertake various brands of ultrasound repair software upgrades, sales of the brand ultrasound probe and accessories!
I travel all over the country long-term maintenance of the brand ultrasound, and I also have to carry out ultrasound parts repair business can undertake repairs all brands of ultrasound power supplies, monitors, displays, circuit boards and probe repair!

NMR CT maintenance: Hitachi CT repair, Toshiba CT maintenance, GECT repair, maintenance, Siemens CT, CT Shimadzu repair, maintenance and other brand Philips CT CT repair! GE MRI repair, maintenance MRI Siemens, Philips MRI service! Undertake the repair of gastrointestinal brand, the brand X-ray machine maintenance, undertake various brands of digital radiology equipment upgrades, sales of the brand radiology device accessories!
Radiology equipment to undertake the maintenance of the brand high-voltage generator, to undertake repairs all brands of radiation devices tube!

Special Maintenance: I undertake maintenance of various medical equipment supply, circuit boards, monitors, displays, inverter, high-voltage generator, tube, etc.! Maintenance Features: without drawing board chip level repair! My company has a large number of medical supply maintenance, medical displays, medical displays, medical boards, both in quantity and in the maintenance of the quality of our service are among the top companies in the same spear! In the maintenance of our company constantly sum up experience, years of hard work in terms of technical success rate after, I can now do a lot of medical component maintenance hundred percent, the vast majority of medical parts to fix! Another company in the supply of medical equipment repair, medical monitors and other medical equipment parts can also be an on-site repairs!
Allow customers to enjoy fast, efficient and inexpensive service is polished technology company in recent years to improve the decisions made, after all, my company's technology to improve tolerance also with many customers with a great relationship!

If these aspects of maintenance requirements, parts requirements can contact me!
I will be superb technology, excellent quality, perfect after-sale to provide you with the most satisfactory service.

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