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Information exchange, resource sharing, joint repair, joint sales, win-win cooperation, together repairs Cooperation!

Long-term companies or individuals are welcome to put your company's data or personal information mailed to my company, my company will record your company, after it was this aspect of our consulting business, I can give priority to work with you, or give you a free company Introduction recommend you company!
Information exchange, resource sharing, joint repair, joint sales, win-win cooperation, together repairs Cooperation!
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I have made the quality of service, is the last person to consult all maintenance to be my aim.

I have always said repair industry with the medical profession is the same, we are all people solve problems. So our responsibility is very important, not the groom, not irresponsible. For maintenance engineers, I have asked my enthusiasm, there must delve into the spirit, but also have professional ethics. Can not just abandon a living, can not be repaired without a place to casually check somewhere else. What I want is to go out of our maintenance stuff is to reassure customers, there is a guaranteed thing. Customer satisfaction is always our aim. My company has two industrial maintenance and medical repair parts. I always wanted to repair with the sales is not the same, maintenance is certainly not a panacea, any repair company can not put everything repaired. But I know a lot of bad things for the client in fact there is no way that we can not think of a way they can not. So my company into the most authoritative most valuable maintenance company has always been my desire. In other words, I was trying to get my blog to build China's most authoritative most valuable maintenance blog. Here I wish I could do that: Those who see me in this blog, I will try to give him fix things, I can not, I will try to repair introduced him to people who can fix him something to him.
Those who saw me at my blog, you want to buy a machine or buying accessories, I can do I will try to make you satisfied with the service provided, I do not, I will try to introduce people to do to you.

I have made the quality of service, is the last person to consult all maintenance to be my aim.

A company can not repair all the equipment, this I know. However, a company may have the maintenance of all equipment resources. Our company is doing "guardianship" "defibrillation" "B super" "x-ray machine" "ct" "Laser Camera" and a variety of other medical equipment, machine equipment in the "circuit board", "power", "monitor" and other maintenance The. In particular, this makes my board in the maintenance of medical equipment destined to get to know it a lot of sales and maintenance company. As most of the medical equipment sales and maintenance company to repair the machines are simple to use, or for board repair, so this repair circuit boards are looking for me, but if you do not mind the cost of maintenance, they give you for board, Robots are also guaranteed the whole family or a professional will repair and maintenance of speed. Some of my company in such a device is not very professional, machine maintenance can not. But we can give them the maintenance of electronic parts. Also in these repairs so that we can talk to them together destined maintenance.
Company to do so with many companies over the years we have become friends together knot maintenance.
After repairs together, you find that we repair some of our strange machine, if we can not repair, then you can introduce you to at least be able to repair your machine company. The medical industry that big is big that small is small, a large type of equipment it really is, small is you can easily run into doing all kinds of medical equipment counterparts, you can easily get some resources to serve their own customers or for
Not previously thought to collect so many peers maintenance information, but to do it in this industry for a long time can always find a lot of hospital or medical company is always looking for what friends machinery maintenance and distress, and some people even say a very long time to find it Can not find what machine repair man, saw them much suffering, I think this would cause it to introduce them to repair the heart, and sometimes they want us to help introduce non-ah.
Let introduce pull this many times, I also note that you, yourself have it a lot of maintenance friends, doing each line of medical equipment maintenance company of friends and information.
For our company, because we can repair all kinds of circuit boards so we mainly explore the whole operation in fact, we know how to repair is possible.
This is not popular for many manufacturers of equipment we can help repair, but for some commonly used equipment in a hurry we can help introduce maintenance.
All peers are ordinary people, we can help you for it. I can not give you the information, you can not have the information you can give me service. Maintenance together, I hope you can help me find my purpose machine maintenance goals.
Welcome to the healthcare industry together with my friends together sales service.

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