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Ultrasound probe repair

Maintenance of the ultrasonic probe

Precious ultrasound probe is a precision device , but also valuable components ultrasound equipment , its damage will make ultrasound diagnostic equipment does not work properly , so as to protect the probe , in the course should note the following:

1 ) Before use carefully read the instruction manual probe , strict compliance with the provisions of the use of the probe ;

2 ) ultrasound probe is a valuable device in use must be handled with care, can not banging heads in the transportation , storage process should be used to probe the original manufacturer's packaging with a soft cloth or a sound head.

3 ) Install and remove the probe should first turn off the machine at the main power , and then carefully operate .

4 ) To avoid exposure to organic solvents , otherwise the probe will be damaged by exposure to organic solvents cracking , but the organic solvent used alcohol class.
Remember not to wipe with acetone category.

5 ) protection of the lens surface .
Once the lens surface is damaged , it is easy to enter the probe coupling agent inside the piezoelectric wafer damage , so do not allow the use of sharp objects pierce the mirror .

6 ) Use non-corrosive coupling agents, coupling agents used for ultrasound skin stimulation , non-oily , because a lot of the probe acoustic lens oily substance susceptible to corrosion damage .

7 ) If you want to soak disinfection , follow the manufacturer 's instructions , otherwise the probe internal circuit water will cause failure , or even burn.

8 ) shall be pasteurized , because the probe is equipped with an internal piezoelectric ceramics, piezoelectric effect of piezoelectric ceramic high temperature will weaken .

Before 9 ) should be carefully checked , the probe housing , the cable is damaged , to prevent the probe working people high voltage electrical injury .

10 ) probe after use, be sure to probe the residual coupling agent to wipe clean to prevent rodents or other animals gnawing bad lens .

Emphasis on preventive maintenance is a basic requirement of medical equipment engineering and technical personnel. Health checks on equipment , safety and security equipment effective operation , reduce downtime , saving maintenance costs. Eliminate glitches , failures and thus avoid a large impact on hospital work . Operation of the equipment appear to be any unusual attention , and sometimes a small anomaly may be a precursor to cause failure, if not checked may cause greater fault , brought to the hospital unnecessary losses. Regular inspection of the equipment , do not let the device work sick , do not wait until the device completely paralyzed and then for maintenance, routine maintenance and regular maintenance is very important and can extend equipment life, reduce downtime , thereby increasing economic

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