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Hitachi Aloka ultrasound repair

Here Hitachi Aloka ultrasound, a friend in need can consult 13,391,816,794 yellow QQ283536127

Machine is guaranteed to be ordered from the manufacturer to ensure that new principles installed . Friend in need can contact . Price concessions.

Hitachi Aloka color Doppler ultrasound sales and maintenance of private hospitals

Aloka Series: ( need to consult 13391816794 )

  Ultrasound : SSD-ALPHA 6 ( needs , please contact )

         SSD-3500SX ( readily available ) imported ( standard two probes )

        SSD-3500SXC ( readily available ) Shanghai domestic production ( standard two probes )

Black and white super : SSD-Prosound 6 ( readily available ) is currently the only imported black and white super

SSD-Prosound 6 C ( readily available ) is a black and white with excessive probe

SSD-Prosound 4 ( readily available )

SSD-Prosound 2 ( readily available )

American Sono sound portable ultrasound

       SonoSite MicroMaxx ( please consult prices )

        SonoSite M-Turbo ( please consult prices )

        SonoSite Nano Maxx ( please consult prices )

          SonoSite S - ( please consult prices )

    Hitachi ultrasound:

       Arius ( Hsiao days ) ( please consult prices )

     HI VISON Avius ( please consult prices )


About Hitachi, Ltd.

Hitachi is one of the world's largest integrated multinational corporations .

Venture past century, Hitachi technology to contribute to society to uphold the corporate philosophy of continuous innovation , the development of a wide range of businesses in the areas of energy , transportation, information and communications , digital media, life sciences and other high-tech enterprises . Facing the new century , Hitachi efforts to open up new markets and business areas, committed from " manufacturing " to " Solution" to convert the enterprise. Looking to the future , Hitachi announced a new Inspire the Next ' strategy , that is, through the integration of technology and experience in various fields , to develop into providing customers with the best solutions partner. With this slogan , Hitachi will continuously bring new ideas to the world and to energize a new era of life , let us live in a generation is ahead of our products, systems and services embellishment vibrant community the .

Hitachi Medical ( Guangzhou ) Co., Ltd. (Hitachi Medical (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.) Is one of the subsidiary of Hitachi Medical Corporation in China , was established in 2006 . Since 2011 , Hitachi Aloka Co., Ltd. became the Group's acquisition of Hitachi ultrasound, Hitachi Aloka ultrasound products in the Chinese market, the chief representative . Companies in major cities across the country with branches and offices , the establishment of a comprehensive sales and after-sales service system. As a highly specialized medical ultrasound marketing company, we always maintain sensitivity to clinical changes in demand , and constantly promote the formation and development of new ultrasound diagnostic concept . "Hitachi ultrasound every possible way" - through the day and night of our efforts to provide users with clinical solutions meticulous and attentive service and care .

Hitachi Aloka ultrasound products using sophisticated technology and a global leader and unite the essence of the latest technology , fast , safe, accurate and precise diagnostic information , breaking the traditional design concepts. Hitachi Hitachi ultrasound products are mainly divided into Erlang series and Hitachi Aloka Prosound series. Erlang has developed a series of real-time ultrasound tissue elasticity imaging , 4D elastic , rainbow perfusion, multi- image fusion interventional navigation system , real-time dual- probe pairs and many other unique features flat panel display technology . The series is also equipped with vascular Prosound echo tracking technology , imaging technology and other cutting-edge flow vector technology . Advanced ultrasound imaging technology, coupled with comprehensive and high level of professional training and after-sales service , making Hitachi ultrasound products and services in various regions of the world at all levels of the hospital.

And enjoy the science of human creation science , Hitachi Medical adhering to the " meticulous " service concept , everything that the primary objective of patient care , development and production of medical equipment. When the patient was often ill , we try to check the means to bring patients to reduce interference and fear. In pursuit of diagnostic capabilities, to create a cordial and patient comfort .

Protecting our planet to survive , to protect human on Earth, protecting human health can be fully reflected on Hitachi Aloka ultrasound products, compact, lightweight , easy to recycle , plastic raw materials are used in the production of recyclable , pollution reduce emissions to the lowest point of the material , greatly reducing the power consumption of the system , so that the heat radiation and noise greatly reduced , in strict compliance with the stringent requirements of ISO14001 international environmental standards . Continuous development of medical devices for human health and contribute to civilization is Hitachi's commitment.


Sales Hitachi Hitachi ultrasound color Doppler ultrasound power supply repair parts Hitachi Hitachi Hitachi color Doppler ultrasound monitor circuit board repair service

Phone 13391816794 QQ283536127 Hitachi Hitachi HI VISION 900 ultrasound ultrasound (EUB-8500/6500/6000/5500) Hitachi EUB-7000HV Hitachi EUB-6500HV color Doppler ultrasound HI VISION Preirus ( Erlang )

 HI VISION Preirus ( Erlang )

HI VISION Ascendus ( Erlang Series )

Hi Vision AVIUS ( Erlang Series )

Aloka ultrasound (SSD-α10/a5/A7/A6/SSD-5500SV/SSD-4000/SSD-3500)

Aloka ultrasound Aloka ultrasound sales Aloka ultrasound repair power supply repair parts Aloka ultrasound Aloka ultrasound Aloka ultrasound probe circuit board repair service telephone 13391816794 QQ283536127 Hitachi Aloka Aloka ultrasound selling black and white super sales

Aloka Aloka Prosound F75 Aloka Aloka Prosound 2/4/6 Aloka Aloka Prosound α10/7/6/5/4

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