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Tube Pipe Endoscope Repair

Medical hose tube endoscopy endoscopic repair of medical service medical service medical hose tube endoscopy hard lens repair soft lenses

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Hose endoscopic repair
Electronic Mirror : Electronic esophagoscopy , electronic gastroscope , electronic duodenoscopy , enteroscopy , electronic colonoscopy , laryngoscopy , bronchoscopy electronics , electronic laparoscopic surgery , electronic choledochoscope .

Fiber Mirror: fiber esophagoscopy , gastroscopy , Duodenoendoscopy fiber enteroscopy , colonoscopy , laryngoscopy , bronchoscopy , optical fiber laparoscopic , Choledochofiberscope , nephrolithotomy , intravascular endoscopic fiber sigmoidoscopy and rectal microscopy .

Hard tube endoscope repair

Hard tube esophagoscopy , rigid laryngoscope tube , the tube laparoscopy, hard pipe duct , cystoscopy , colposcopy , hysteroscopy , arthroscopy, sinus mirror, discectomy , ureteroscopy and so on.


Endoscopy brand maintenance : Wolf Brand , Shituo , Stryker , Shun Kang , Zimmer , Squeak , snow force Diane power , Olympus, Granville Chas , Yike Song , Jimmy, Aesculap , pivot method molds. Electrosurgical knife maintenance repair argon pneumoperitoneum cold light maintenance and repair video camera professional camera repair electronic endoscope repair telephone 13391816794 QQ283536127

The endoscope is a medical device used . Bendable portion , consisting of a light source and a lens . After the body's natural channels , or through a small incision surgery done into the body . When using an endoscope introduced into the pre- inspection organs , can be directly related to changes in parts of the peep . Image quality directly affects the use of the effect of the endoscope , also marks the level of development of endoscopic techniques. The first endoscope is applied rectal examination. Doctors inserted into the patient's anus in a rigid tube , by means of candle light, observe rectal lesions. This method can obtain diagnostic data is limited , the patient is not only very painful , and because the equipment is very hard, causing great risk of perforation . Despite these shortcomings, endoscopy has continued application and development , and gradually to design many different uses and different types of equipment .

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