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Breathing machine maintenance

Siemens ventilator breathing machine maintenance repair repair ResMed Respironics ventilator ventilator ventilator maintenance repair Tyco USA

Newport ventilator breathing machine maintenance repair Draeger breathing machine maintenance , France Pegasus Taema

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   U.S. Tyco ventilator
Pros: quiet, compact, easy to carry , the most compact ventilator, the ventilator Star Series weighs only 760 grams , suitable for those who travel frequently travel purchase . Tyco ventilator two French and Chinese origin, the proposed purchase licensed .
Cons: Currently online reaction machine failure rates higher , possibly Tyco 420 series machines repairing machines currently on the market more , choose a regular merchant purchase .
  U.S. Respironics ventilator
Pros: unique feel more comfortable using flex function , appearance and firm, good reputation in China , multi-function, high cost .
Disadvantages: market chaos, various prices are . Built-in humidifier easy intrusion , used to attention.
  Australia ResMed ventilators
Pros: ventilator inventor , the appearance of fine machine , complete accessories, most dedicated ventilator brands, new products launched EPR --- relaxed respiratory system , can well meet the needs of different clients . Also recently introduced twin-turbo models muted , almost no sound when used, of course, the price is more expensive.
Disadvantages: high price positioning the machine , for the pursuit of performance and high -quality user .
  USA and Germany BES ventilator
Pros: beautiful appearance, new out of mute cube, in terms of the use of comfort and silent response is very good, the volume than the previous model is much smaller .
Disadvantages: Accessories fewer brands in China belong to tepid , the price on .
  New Zealand, Fisher & Paykel ventilator
Pros: ultra-comfortable heated humidification effect, is the best brand of wet effect . Mask comfort and good quality goods is the industry recognized .
Cons: companies should focus more on the breathing machine itself , sales mask should be 100 times the ventilator bar.
  Germany Wan Man ventilator
Pros: quiet, comfortable mask .
Disadvantages: large, heavy, price is not cheap.
  Sweden Burson ventilator
Benefits: Medical ventilator done more , much more hospital purchases .
Disadvantages: heavy machine at home , less functional , expensive .

As an industry leader ventilator , MAQUET ( MAQUET ) has over 30 years of experience in production ventilator, since from the first ventilator SERVO series came in 1971 ,
SERVO900 series , SERVO300 series ventilation ventilator its precise , stable performance , low failure rate characteristics,

Professional treatment of mechanical ventilation in preterm children , newborns and children , so SERVO ventilator to become the world's first brand .

         These are the top ventilator manufacturers in the world at present , in terms of household machines , ResMed , Tyco , Respironics is currently in the home machine , the more professional manufacturers, is worth Select brand , final recommendations to regular resellers .
Ventilator anesthesia machine repair: Newport ventilator professional maintenance, repair Respironics ventilator , Siemens ventilator maintenance, Draeger breathing anesthesia maintenance, repair Bird ventilator , Pegasus breathing machine maintenance, repair ventilator Bear brand , BMW ventilator maintenance, repair ResMed ventilators , Tyco ventilator repair , GE anesthesia ventilator machine repair, Fisher & Paykel breathing machine maintenance, Germany BES breathing machine maintenance, Wan Man breathing machine maintenance ! Undertake various brands breathing machine repair, sales of the brand ventilator anesthesia machine parts !

Can replace a ventilator , control or change people's normal physiological breathing , increased pulmonary ventilation, improve respiratory function, reduce work of breathing consumption, saving devices cardiac reserve capacity .
Ventilator, is a capable substitute , control or change people's normal physiological breathing , increased pulmonary ventilation, improve respiratory function, reduce work of breathing consumption, saving devices cardiac reserve capacity . When infants and young children with acute respiratory failure, through aggressive conservative treatment fails , breathing weakened and phlegm and thick, expectoration difficult airway obstruction or atelectasis , consider endotracheal intubation and ventilator.

Ventilator must have four basic functions , namely lung inflation , inspiratory to expiratory conversion, exhaust gas and alveolar breath to inhale conversion , followed by the cycle . Therefore, there must be : ⑴ can transport gas to power , instead of the human respiratory muscle work ; ⑵ can produce some respiratory rhythm , including respiratory rate and respiratory ratio , instead of the human respiratory function of the central nervous disposable respiratory rhythm ; ⑶ offer appropriate tidal volume (VT) or minute ventilation (MV), to meet the needs of respiratory metabolism ; ⑷ gas supply best after heating and humidification , instead of the human nasal function, and can supply above the atmosphere contained O2 capacity to improve inhaled O2 concentration , improve oxygenation . Power source : Available compressed gas powered ( pneumatic ) or motor as a power ( electric ) respiratory rate and respiratory ratio can also make use of pneumatic air control , electric power control, electrical control and other types of pneumatic , and inhale when switching between calls , often when switched on during the inspiratory breathing loop reaches a predetermined expiratory pressure ( constant pressure type ) or after switching reached a predetermined inspiratory capacity breath ( constant volume ) , but modern ventilators are both above two form .
Treatment with the breathing machine, commonly used in patients with severe disease more complex , requiring more complete functionality, can be a variety of respiratory modes to meet the needs of the condition change. The anesthesia ventilator is mainly used for anesthesia surgery patients, mostly without significant cardiopulmonary abnormalities requiring ventilator , long flexible volume , respiratory rate and respiratory ratio who can do IPPV, basically you can directly use.

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