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Phacoemulsification maintenance

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Phacoemulsification : the use of the strong ultrasonic waves of insoluble solids in the liquid ( or other liquid ) was crushed into particles and mixed with the surrounding liquid to form an emulsion technique .
Phacoemulsification cataract .
Use phacoemulsification instrument through a 3-5mm cornea or sclera incision size , the application of ultrasonic lens nucleus pulverized to form chyle like, and then sucked out together with the cortex . After surgery to retain the lens capsule , which can posterior chamber intraocular lens implantation .
Phacoemulsification cataract surgery compared with traditional methods , phacoemulsification surgery with better results, has become internationally recognized as the most advanced and reliable cataract treatment.
1 , visual acuity better postoperative reaction lighter.
2 , postoperative astigmatism is small, and more conducive to correct or control of postoperative astigmatism .
3 , shorter operative time , smaller incisions , less pain ; reduce light may cause damage to the retina , but also consider the case of conditional topical anesthesia .
4 , surgical trauma, faster recovery ; postoperative dose , time is short ; injury chance to reduce intraoperative iris , conjunctiva and sclera reduce scarring .
5 , operation control better , improve security , reduce complications ; intraoperative easy to maintain a deep anterior chamber , posterior capsular injury, the probability of residual cortical decline ; intraocular lens implantation is more secure , and reliable ; closed vitreous surgery so that the pressure to maintain better, more secure once the treatment of complications , good control systems ; complications such as cystic macular edema reduce the incidence of samples .
6 , can be implemented without waiting for a mature cataract surgery , to avoid the inconvenience and pain in the long waiting process , improve the quality of life.
1 , congenital cataracts of all ages .
2 , lens dislocation and subluxation .
3 , lens opacity , visual acuity less than 0.3 , including vision correction .
4 , traumatic cataract .
5 , high myopia and cataract .
6 , due to inflammation concurrent cataract, intraocular inflammation control must be six months or more.
7 , cataract and glaucoma , intraocular pressure control can be combined with surgery.
8 , no matter how vision , as long as patients have higher requirements for vision , or who have special job requirements .
Preoperative Considerations
1 , if high blood pressure , diabetes, or cough should ask the physician to diagnose, treat , and then to be in stable condition after cataract surgery .
2 , before surgery and proper personal hygiene ( shampoo , bath ) a day .
3 , set the day of surgery to clean the face , do not use any cosmetics.
4 , if taking blood pressure, diabetes and other medical drugs or cough , please continue to take both before and after surgery and day .
5 , before surgery can be a small amount of eating.
6 , the day of surgery must be accompanied by family members .
Postoperative Considerations
1 , it should follow the doctor asked ophthalmic drops with time .
2 , to sleep without eye surgery side , not over the bow in two weeks , do not participate in the movement of a large range of motion .
3 , smooth and safe transportation when they go out .
4, after cataract surgery , the patient may not meet at the beginning of a strong light , but also to avoid dust , you can wear sunglasses block glare and dust.
5 , to avoid collision Rouyan or eyes and head.
6 , after a short time do not drink and do not eat spicy food , within a week shampoo , bath, wash your face to avoid dirty eyes ( dirty water means all liquid drops outside ) .
New Vision Eye Hospital, an international leader in the treatment of cataract take phacoemulsification with intraocular lens implantation surgery, personally by the chief physician specialist surgeon small incision , time is short ( 6-7 minutes to complete ) , only local anesthesia and light after reaction , faster recovery after surgery the next day to remove goggles, resume a normal life .

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