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Endoscope Repair

Endoscope Repair : Wolf Brand , Shituo , Stryker , Shun Kang , Zimmer , Squeak , snow force Diane power , Olympus, Granville Chas , Yike Song , Jimmy, Aesculap , such as endoscopic mirror repair ! Brand high-frequency electric knife maintenance ! Maintenance of the brand Argon knife ! The brand cold light maintenance ! The brand pneumoperitoneum repair ! The brand recording instrument and camera repair ! Each brand of medical endoscopes hose repair all brands of medical tube endoscopy repair ! Undertake various brand endoscope repair, sales of the brand endoscope accessories !

The endoscope is a medical device used . Bendable portion , consisting of a light source and a lens . After the body's natural channels , or through a small incision surgery done into the body . When using an endoscope introduced into the pre- inspection organs , can be directly related to changes in parts of the peep . Image quality directly affects the use of the effect of the endoscope , also marks the level of development of endoscopic techniques. The first endoscope is applied rectal examination. Doctors inserted into the patient's anus in a rigid tube , by means of candle light, observe rectal lesions. This method can obtain diagnostic data is limited , the patient is not only very painful , and because the equipment is very hard, causing great risk of perforation . Despite these shortcomings, endoscopy has continued application and development , and gradually to design many different uses and different types of equipment .
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Cold light maintenance
A deuterium lamp cold light , fan turn the lights off . Turn on the machine control panel lights found insurance bombing . Description severe short circuit , check both 2sc2625 power tube is broken, replace it. And careful examination of other elements , they did not find any problems , so the boot, light is very bright but less than half a minute , and went out, and the brightness is not adjustable . Inspection , insurance bombing , power management is broken. Power management and conversion of , remove the load , power and try again, the insurance is not fried , but a " creak " sound, no-load voltage output of 48V, connected to the load , the insurance is not fried , power management does not burn , lights not bright , "creak " Still , inspection found tl494cn pulse width modulation circuit manifold problems, buy , the store did not tl494cn, 494 , and said that you can substitute , so for the " creak " sound is not a gas stove ignition coil ignition issued a similar sound, but the point is not bright lights , and soon over 494 , the substitution can not be estimated , then buy the conversion , the electricity is normal. Light control panel output voltage under load load 130v 18v. Cold light maintenance problems solved.

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Medical endoscope classification
Development and construction of their imaging classification : can be roughly divided into three categories : hard-tube endoscopy, optical fiber ( hose type ) and electronic endoscope endoscopy .
Classified according to their functions :
1 , for gastrointestinal endoscopy : the hard-tube esophagoscopy ; fiber esophagoscopy ; electronic esophagoscopy ; ultrasonic electronic esophagoscopy , gastroscopy , electronic endoscopy , endoscopic ultrasound electronics , fiber duodenoscopy , electronic duodenal colonoscopy, a small fiber colonoscopy, enteroscopy , colonoscopy , electronic colonoscopy , sigmoidoscopy and rectal fiber mirror .
2 , endoscopy for the respiratory system : hard-tube laryngoscope , fiberoptic , laryngoscopy , bronchoscopy , electronic bronchoscopy , thoracoscopy and mediastinoscopy .
3 , for the peritoneal cavity endoscopy : a hard -tube , fiber optics , electronic laparoscopic surgery .
4 , biliary endoscopy for : hard-tube choledochoscope , Choledochofiberscope , electronic choledochoscope , and cluster-type choledochoscope .
5 , for urinary tract endoscopy : ⑴ cystoscopy : can be divided into inspection cystoscopy, ureteral catheterization with cystoscopy, surgical cystoscopy, taught by cystoscopy, photographic cystoscopy, cystoscopy children and women cystoscopy . ⑵ ureteroscopy . ⑶ nephrolithotomy .
6 , for gynecological endoscopy : colposcopy and hysteroscopy .
7 , endoscopy for vessels : intravascular mirrors .
8 , endoscopy for joint : joint mirrors .
Fiber endoscope
Fiberscope Endoscope system consists of two parts and the cold light mirror body there are two fiber bundle : one called beam , which is used to cool the light source is conducted to produce the observed surface , the observation is illuminated surface ; another call like beam , which is the root of the tens of thousands of less than 1 micron in diameter optical fiber line by line sequentially arranged by a bunch , align the eyepiece end , the other end of the observed objects are aligned through the lenses surface , the doctor through the eyepiece can be very visually see the surface of the organ case , to facilitate timely and accurate diagnosis of the disease. For example , a doctor with the endoscope can be observed swollen stomach ulcers or leave , pursuant to develop the best treatment plan.
Conduction of the image fiber bundle in the core of the fiber endoscopy , which consists of tens of thousands of glass fibers of fine roots , according to the optical principle of total internal reflection , all of the glass fiber must be coated with a layer outside the low refractive index film to ensure that all core fiber conduction of light can be totally reflected . Passing only a single fiber to produce a light spot , in order to see the image, it is necessary to integrate a large number of fiber bundles , in order to transfer the image to the other end is the same as the image so that each fiber must be in its the same position at both ends of the arrangement , known as the beam guide . The endoscope usually has two fiber glass fiber tube , wherein the light enters the body through one of the doctor or through another tube to be observed by a camera . In 1981, the successful development of endoscopic ultrasound technology , which the endoscope advanced ultrasound technology combined with the new development , greatly increasing the accuracy of disease diagnosis. Have this surgery can be done using an endoscope and laser , optical fiber endoscope can transport the laser beam , burning neoplasm or tumor , closed bleeding vessel .
Electronic endoscope
With the development of e- learning and digital video technology, and the emergence of the electronic endoscope 80 years , this will no longer be like fiber-optic , light-sensitive integrated circuit camera system and replace the main image can be displayed only good quality , brightness is strong, but the big picture , you can check out more small lesions, and the outer diameter of the electronic endoscope finer , clearer images and intuitive , easy to operate. Some endoscopic even microchip sensor, the observed feedback to the computer. It can not only obtain diagnostic information morphology of tissues and organs , but also to a variety of physiological functions of tissues and organs were measured . Structure and electronic endoscope endoscopy structure is basically the same , instead of simply understood as a guide with the CCD image bundles , many functions are endoscopy can not reach . Compared with the electronic endoscope fiberscope biggest difference is the use of micro called CCD image sensor as the device to replace the fiber optic bundles pass .

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