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 Philips sales of various battery lead connection module maintenance sales

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Philips M4735 Defibrillator imported price 87000
Note: This machine is a classic product of Philips Beijing All three hospitals have the product
Features: It is a defibrillator inside the world 's fastest charging time of less than three seconds
2 It belongs military products
3 biphasic ( this is a unique Philips technology )



Philips monitors MP20Junior imported price 55,000 belong bed care
Philips TrimI ECG machine imported price 40000
Philips TrimII ECG machine imported price 65,000 black and white
Philips TrimIII ECG machine imported price 83000 Color
In addition a variety of Philips Medical consumables sales of various accessories I have listed here some of them:
Various paper cuff probe battery cable lead wire sensor so have sales
I need advice here also sell other equipment other equipment maintenance or repair can also contact me here 13391816794

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Philips Medical consumables quote
No. Model Name Unit Price
1 M1500A/M1510A 12 -pin three -lead cable root
2 M1601A theater three Leadwires deputy
3 M1603A lead wire clip three deputy
4 M1605A Button three leadwires deputy
5 M1608A/M1609A clip neonatal three leadwires deputy
6 M1520A 12 -pin five -lead cable root
7 M1621A operating room five Leadwires deputy
8 M1623A clip- five Leadwires deputy
9 M1625A Button five Leadwires deputy
10 M3703A / C ECG ten Leadwires deputy
11 M1733A/M1735A one of three defibrillator lead wire root
12 M1734A defibrillator one five Leadwires root
13 M1900B oxygen connecting line ( 12 -pin -DBP) root
14 M1940A oxygen connecting line ( 12-pin -8 pin ) root
15 M1941A oxygen connecting line ( 8 -pin -8 pin ) root
16 M1191A Adult oxygen probe a
17 M1192A oxygen probe a child
18 M1193A neonatal oxygen probe a bandage
19 M1194A oxygen probe a clip
20 M1195A one baby fingers oxygen probe
21 40489E disposable electrode sheet ( paper ) sheet
22 40493E disposable electrode pads ( foam ) pieces
23 13941E disposable electrode pads ( cloth Mo ) film
24 40421A suction ball electrodes ( 6 ) boxes
25 40494E electrode clip ( 4 ) boxes
26 13953A newborns with lead wire electrode ( 300 ) Box
27 M3501A pacing electrode ( 10 paid ) Vice
Defibrillation electrode diameter 7.5CM payment within 28 M1741A
Within 29 M1742A defibrillation electrode diameter 6.0CM payment
Defibrillation electrode diameter 4.5CM payment within 30 M1743A
Within 31 M1744A defibrillation electrode diameter 62.8CM pay
32 M3713A Adult multifunction defibrillation electrode pads 10 pay / pay box
33 M1599B adult cuff connection pipe 3.0 m root
34 M1571A long-life baby cuff pay
35 M1572A long-life children pay cuff
36 M1573A long-life small adult cuff pay
37 M1574A long-life adult cuff pay
38 M1597B newborn ( with disposable cuff ) root canal with blood pressure
39 M1866A 1 # disposable cuff ( 20 to pay 3.1-5.7CM) Box
40 M1868A 2 # disposable cuff ( 20 to pay 4.3-8CM) Box
41 M1870A 3 # disposable cuff ( 20 to pay 5.8-10.9CM) Box
42 M1872A 4 # disposable cuff ( 20 to pay 7.1-13.1CM) Box
43 M4552A antibacterial cuff a single tube baby
44 M4553A antibacterial single-tube cuff a child
45 M4554A antibacterial trumpet adult single tube cuff months
46 M4555A antibacterial adult single tube cuff months
47 21075A Universal Temperature Probe root
48 21076A Universal Temperature Probe root children
49 21078A root surface temperature probe
50 M1460A carbon dioxide sensor sets
51 M1465A into the airway connector only
52 M1355A contractions probe only
53 M1356A ultrasound probe only
54 M1567A -time invasive pressure kit sets
55 M1634A IBP cable root
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