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   ECG : ECG-9020P \ ECG-9130P \ ECG-1550P \ ECG-9620P2

   Monitor : BSM-2301C \ 2303C \ 2351C \ 2353C \ 4100K \ 5105K \ 5135K WEP-4204K \ WEP-4208K CNS-9701K

   Defibrillator : TEC-7621C \ TEC-7631C TEC-5521C \ TEC-5531C

Nihon Kohden portable defibrillator monitor TEC-7621C

Nihon Kohden portable defibrillator monitor performance Introduction TEC-7621C 5.7 -inch large -screen color TFT LCD , set defibrillation, monitoring in one. Optional AED Automated External Defibrillator function , another optional AED voice prompts . Chinese operation menu , easy to operate . Multi-parameter monitoring function , in addition to ECG, heart rate monitoring , the optional SPO2, CO2 NIBP plug- ins and multi- parameter monitor and improve the range of machines available . Optional 12 -lead ECG unit , measure and analyze the 12-lead ECG, analysis results can be stored on a memory card ( optional ) , and can be equipped with the software on a PC ECG review for playback . From 0 to 360 joules , the AC charging is less than 5 seconds , the battery charge is less than 10 seconds . The new battery is fully charged after two hours of continuous monitoring or defibrillation energy of 360 joules 70 times. 3 seconds after defibrillation discharge , ECG waveform display restored . Defibrillation eight seconds before and 12 seconds after defibrillation ECG waveform and evaluation data is automatically saved and can be transmitted via the optional memory card playback out on a PC equipped with playback software . Strong anti-interference , ECG waveform in surgery remained stable and clear. Automatically detects and displays the battery energy situation ; comes with high-voltage battery testing menus and menu capacitive sensing , user understand the use of the machine's performance . Cluster using capacitor capacitance to prevent sudden breakdown and improve reliability of the machine. Using nested defibrillation electrode plate , adults, children defibrillation electrodes nested together, easy to use.

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