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CardioServ Series Defibrillator / Monitor
◆ vivo defibrillator
◆ AC , DC two kinds of power supply, car power
◆ built-in printer
◆ Optional pacing , SPO2 function
Applicable to any situation
· This generation CardioSerV series in the development process in close touch with your colleagues and the actual needs , can give you higher reliability , so you can better control under any circumstances .
· High-resolution LCD screen can display the contents of a 180 -degree flip, so that you can better observe the patient : as in wards, operating rooms, intensive care or during emergencies.
• All data is important and urgent events are automatically recorded and saved , when you need it , can recall , you can print out .
· Fast, simple 3 -step process , easy to recognize color code excludes all a mistake, for you to win valuable time .
· In the " automatic sequence " mode, the energy level of a normal adult can successfully be selected automatically , so you can be more concerned with all your heart patients.
· Machine design closely , light weight ( including the main adapter , battery and handle weighs only 8 kg ) , plus oxygen saturation options and external pacemakers , which means that either now or in the future , in -hospital clinical and of course , you already have all the necessary equipment.
In any guardianship
· In addition to the spoon , and various internal defibrillator electrodes , we also provide fast charging maintenance unit .
• For monitoring of oxygen saturation for neonates to adults.
• If outside the hospital use, we will provide a car bracket , a special 12-volt power connection tools, and a large portable package .


           Responder 3000 multi-parameter Defibrillator / Monitor
     In the intensive care process, you need to always pay attention to the patient rather than the equipment. So you use a defibrillator intelligently and accurately make a variety of reactions required is necessary .
◆ defibrillation, monitoring , ECG Trinity
◆ three-channel color display
◆ 12SL ECG ( optional )
◆ built-in three -channel thermal printer
◆ 24 Hourly and trend recording
◆ communication and built-in battery , easy to transport
◆ can be upgraded to increase invasive pressure , SpO, EtCO and AED
◆ Optional communication function

· Large and high-resolution color monitor for easy reading and viewing important ECG signal
Automatic sequence control can be automatically increased in a number of defibrillation energy
· Use safe charging function, can effectively extend battery life
Can be used interchangeably use two intelligent battery
· Charge 6 seconds can reach 360 joules
Extensive configuration options:
· Semi-automatic operation
· External pacemakers
Adopt GE marquette 12SL gold standard analysis software acquisition and automatic diagnostic 12-lead ECG synchronization
· Oxygen saturation monitoring and the end of the call carbon dioxide monitoring

                  FRED defibrillator

    Schiller new biphasic defibrillation technology Multipulse Biowave ( multi-pulse biphasic ) using pulse energy efficient , less damage to heart tissue and improve the survival chances of cardiac arrest outside the hospital . After the adoption of this revolutionary technology , atrial fibrillation or flutter for energy defibrillation or cardioversion just need conventional monophasic defibrillation energy needed 1/3.

    Multi-pulse biphasic technology has been applied to small FRED , in the "Public Access Defibrillator" field to create a new world. FRED provides a unique platform for defibrillation using advanced features and options , provides many features :

● powered by NiCd batteries or lithium batteries , large screen with backlit display clear text messages and voice prompts to guide operations.
● ECG automatically selects the best connected and displayed.
● SpO2 plethysmograph with display .
● 3-lead patient cable through the implementation of monitoring, control and analysis of the patient , effectively reducing the cost of using the electrode .
● Manual defibrillation VF / VT alarm function
● GSM or telephone lines to transmit data through . Press a button to transfer , you can transfer the 12-lead ECG in real time to a computer system, using SCHILLER data management software for analysis and storage.
● Read the software can be easily downloaded data on the PCMCIA card in the PC and browse all events , the event is marked with the time, date and label . Use the playback feature to browse consecutive ECG .
● Optional manual mode allows you to select the lowest energy 1 joule .

FRED Defibrillator - multi-pulse biphasic :
Energy ( discharge to 50 ohm resistor ) :
- AED mode :130 -130-180 joule ( optional 90-130-180 )
- Manual mode: 1,2,4,6,8,15,30,50,70,90,110,130,150,180 Joule
Waveform: Biphasic pulse frequency 5Khz
Charging time: 180 joules when charging less than 6 seconds
- Automatic mode: semi-automatic
- Manual mode: keyboard control ( option )
Defibrillation : Adult sticky electrodes ( only for children sticky electrode manual mode , manual selection of energy )
Operating modes:
- AED ( semi-automatic )
- Manual
- Synchronization (R -wave after 20 ms )
- Asynchronous
Test System: automatically run tests , shock control , security control , discharge energy test , if you use lithium without defibrillation electrodes connected , automatically shut down after 5 minutes

Guardianship :
Display : LCD display , 130 Χ 170 mm, the display can be rotated 180o, adjustable contrast
Display information : Using the guide, alarm ( physical, technical and system alarm ) , instruments working hours, the number of the release of electric shock, measurement , ECG waveform 25mm / s ( option ), SpO2 waveform tracings ( optional )
Menu: user configuration ( language , default parameters, etc. )
Password protection

Fibrillation recognition:
Shock conditions : ventricular fibrillation or ventricular tachycardia heart rate greater than 180bpm
Sensitivity: 98.8% ( provide results based on AHA / MIT database )
Specificity: 99.97% ( provide results based on AHA / MIT database )
Detection level :> 0.20mV ECG
Synthetic speech : all visual and voice messages through AHA / ERC guidelines. Voice messages can be turned off .

ECG options :
Input: insulation , CF type , you can use 3,4 or 10-lead patient connection
Guide even choose : Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ, aVR, aVL, aVF, V1-V6
Bandwidth : 0.05 - 40 Hz (-3db)
Input impedance :> 2.5MΩ
Leakage current : <0.1μA
CMRR :> 100dB
Heart rate range :10-300b / min

Oxygen Options:
Integrated pulse oximeter plethysmograph display , pulse rate and blood oxygen values. Use a nail or Y sensor type sensor , signal acquisition is by taking the average heartbeat 8s or 16s .
System alarm : monitoring, defibrillation , battery power and memory
Physiological alarm : cardiac arrest , occurred VT / VF in manual mode ( configurable )

- Reading Software: Download data PCMCIA card through PC, or through cable , PCMCIA card drive or transmit data via GSM mobile phones.
- SEMA-200 Software: transmission via GSM phone or phone line 12-lead ECG , allowing the acceptance , storage, analysis and printing.

2M PCMCIA card : ECG recording five hours and 500 events
10M PCMCIA card : ECG 30 minutes , one hour and 500 sound events

Power :
NiCd batteries : 12V - 2.4Ah, rechargeable , two hours guardianship or 110 180 Joule discharges (20 ℃)
Lithium batteries : non-rechargeable , 5 hours guardianship or 450 180 Joule discharges (20 ℃)
External power supply : NiCd battery charge

Physical characteristics:
Leakage Protection : BF type
Temperature: -30 to +50 ℃ ( transport and storage )
0到50 ℃ ( used )
Atmospheric pressure : 500-1060 mPa
Relative humidity : 30-95% , no agglutination
Protection class : IP23 with transport bag , IP20 without transportation package
Dimensions : 90 × 255 × 260 mm
Weight : 2.8Kg ( without battery )

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