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Color Doppler Power Monitor Repair

Beijing Hua Ze Kangnuo Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional sales professional repair all brands of ultrasound ultrasound company . Because ultrasound maintenance costs , many hospitals feel this way sometimes only for parts repair costs are too expensive , so the Beijing Science and Technology Co., Ltd. was established Hua Ze Kangnuo accessories maintenance department . For some customers feel is too expensive maintenance costs , our company can provide customers with repair parts for various ultrasonic power supply , circuit boards , monitors , displays I provide chip-level repair services without drawing . I had a lot of ultrasound power company maintenance , monitors, circuit boards.

My power company to repair the Philips ultrasound are: Philips IE33/IU22/HD11 / fly Where / HD3 / sophisticated video / HDI5000 etc.

I repaired the power of GE's ultrasound has : V730/L7/V3/L5/L3/P3/L500/L400 etc.

Siemens Power S2000/Antares/X300/X150/512/G60S etc. are repaired

Aloka 5500 /3500 power often repair

Hitachi 6500 /5500 , such as the power supply is also frequently repairs

Special Note: The above mentioned model good power almost always a hundred percent service ! ! !

Also on display repaired more friends, almost ultrasound machine monitor , the display I have repaired . Regular maintenance models : HD11 display, where the display flying . V730 display , L5L7 display. Most of the display , the display program I have ! In need of repair , then you can contact me company ! Phone 13391816794 QQ283536127

Originally wanted to put some maintenance of the picture, but the pictures are too big not to put the picture , I'm sorry .

Professional ultrasonic power ultrasound monitor repair professional repair professional ultrasonic circuit board repair phone 13391816794 QQ283536127

Professional Ultrasonic Power Maintenance : Philips HD11 power supply maintenance, repair power Philips IU22 , Philips fly where power supply maintenance, repair power Philips HD3 , Philips, Hitachi ultrasound ultrasound power supply repair power supply repair service Erlang Hitachi , Hitachi 5500 power supply maintenance , repair power supply Hitachi 6500 . Siemens X300 power supply maintenance , Siemens 512 power supply maintenance , GEV730 power supply maintenance , GEL400 power supply maintenance , GEV3 power supply maintenance , GEV7 power maintenance.

Phone 13391816794 QQ283536127 pictures are hundred percent power repair repaired! Cooperation in need of repair!



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