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GE, Philips and Siemens relatively upscale gynecological ultrasound

REVIEW: With the growing concern of women's health , appropriate medical device products have gradually been known to everyone . Chinese Medical Science and Technology Network based on ultrasound market conditions, this will be GE, philips Philips , Siemens Siemens three brands of high-end gynecological ultrasound simple comparison .

Philips : Philips ultrasound manufacturers through the acquisition of U.S. companies to enter the ATL and HP ultrasound market, its gynecological ultrasound iU22 gynecological ultrasound imaging industry classic, reflecting the market installed capacity and customers are relatively good .
But iU22 there are some shortcomings, prone to the phenomenon of power failure .

GE: GE Kretz company through the acquisition and integration of the launch for the Voluson series of gynecological ultrasound , gynecology and GE Voluson E8 is the most high-end products , its advantage lies in 4D technology.
Voluson E8 disadvantage is that aspect of the probe is easy to crack, using the image quality decreased rapidly after a year , advocacy and practical application of a little contrast , service response is slow, prone to sudden shut down during use .

Siemens: Siemens 2001 acquisition of U.S. company ACUSON thus have ACUSON ultrasound products . Siemens ACUSON S2000 its application has ACUSON S2000 ABVS gynecological and general gynecology ACUSON S2000 for breast volume , according to market products reflect the view is too much trouble to use , many departments bought a Siemens high-end products after the use of the product for the tedious and physical examination

基本信息The basic information

The probe


Type:iU 22

Time to market:2004years

Origin: the United States


Channel:57.00057.000The digital channel

Dynamic range:180DB

Phased array probe:S5-1S4-1

Convex array probe:C5-1C5-2C8-5C9-4C9-5ECC8-4vV6-24D)、3D9-3v4D

Linear array probe:L9-3L12-5L17-5L15-7io

xMatrixMatrix probe:X3-13D)、X7-2Probe (3D

(including small organ sensor suiteL12-5 & L17-5

The abdomen of obstetrics and gynecology sensor suite(includingC5-1 & C9-4)

Blood vessels, high frequency probe suite (includingL17-5and L15-7io

Abdominal phased array probe suite (includingS4-1andS5-1

The probe of the esophagus:S7-2S7-2Adult after esophageal probe


Type:Voluson E8

Origin: Austria



Dynamic range:180DB

11L-Dbroadband4.0-10.0MHzLinear array probe

C1C1-5-Dbroadband2.0- 5.0MHzConvex array probe

RAB4-8-Dbroadband2.0 -8.0 MHzConvex side probe


Type:S2000ACUSON S2000

Origin: the United States


4C1The abdomen/Maternity convex array probe((MP)

EC9-4Convex array transvaginal/By transrectal combination probes (MP)

9L4Peripheral vascular/Small organs line array multidimensional array probe (MP)

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