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GE, Siemens and Philips echocardiography PK

The past three years , with the deepening medical reform , medical equipment financial investment increased hospital demand for high-end medical devices are also expanding . Ultrasound market is also true , it is learned , China's annual consumption of ultrasound in more than 15,000 units , of which high-end ( over 1.5 million ) accounted for 20 %. In the future , there is still potential for development .

   According to Chinese Medical Science and Technology Network , a senior market researcher for the person in charge of the relevant sections of the hospital interview , the three major brands to the mainstream end user echocardiography made ​​the following assessment:


Siemens ACUSON SC2000 echocardiography in the strict sense is not very professional echocardiography , it just ACUSON Sequoia 512 plus a heart function. As SC2000 problems during use , mainly in the following points:

1 , key aspects : prone to freeze key failure, no response when want to freeze , not frozen. Knob easily broken ;

2, the image aspect : M -mode ultrasound can not be displayed in full , it is not much improvement over the old model 512 , but sometimes I feel not as good as before. Elastography is simply not very good , with Hitachi than that is the difference between heaven and earth ;

3, the operational aspects : this model is very cumbersome to operate , various measurement settings are not user-friendly enough to check the efficiency is relatively low. Occasionally crash. Display pricey, look at the screen was head held high , so very, very long neck discomfort when operating . Particularly the noise ;

4 , the probe : the image than the Toshiba abdominal probe is not black and white , the three-dimensional imaging probe can be, but that's not generally a big probe ;

5 , fault areas: Cut 0.2mm easy to crash ;

6 , shutdown speed : 10 minutes commuting to shut down early , or not on time off work ;


Many director reflects Philips IE33 echocardiography is the best machine . There was still a lot of problems IE33 director reflects some aspects .

1, the quality of the machine : Philips machine is a little more than a name wrong , especially out of the warranty period , the warranty period so we must remember to buy a warranty. Easy to crash , especially when many patients , there is a high temperature when checking very easy to crash .

2, the image areas: respect Philips IE33 perfect images of the heart , but the price is too expensive , and just do a good heart , we would not do otherwise .


Vivid E9 is the new face of market segments , can be said to be the most expensive echocardiography , as installed capacity is less , for the specific use of feedback Vivid E9 sample is small;

   However , GE 's director of ultrasound prices for many very unhappy , the same equipment , they may 3 million this year , next year will be 1.5 million , so GE gives the impression that the price of water is too large, tricky purchase more ;

    Taking all factors , IE33 maintain a high score advantage, is the hospital of choice for cardiac ultrasound machine ; want Philips to improve product stability, strengthen the service, to maintain our edge ;

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