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GE Philips Siemens ultrasound three brands, how to choose?

As we all know , in the domestic market, ultrasound , occupy the mainstream market share brand is GE, Philips and Siemens author in the process of long-term contacts with the use of communication departments found that most users of the three brands have the following view :

1 , the same configuration of grades, to see prices

GE 's highest price, followed by Siemens, and finally Philips.

Abdominal machine, for example , GE high-end Logic E9, the market price of about 300-350 square , Siemens S2000 RRP of around 200-250 thousand. Users often say in the abdomen machine inside , Philips 's IU22 is the best price around 2,000,000 , performance, configuration and price are more concrete. However, due to various hospitals in the bidding process and the limiting factor , but regretted that the hospital did not have someone in the winning of Philips .

In the heart machine, for example , IE33 is philips machine in the heart of the most high-end machines , introduced in 2004 listed the current price to see the configuration in about 200-250 thousand. GE VIVID E9 is the heart of the most high-end machine in the machine , introduced in 2009 listed the current price to see the configuration in about 200-300 thousand. SC2000 is siemens machine in the heart of the most high-end machines , introduced in 2008 listed the current price to see the configuration in about 200-300 million yuan.

2 , the same price level, see Configuration

In the three brands, the same price, most people think that GE ultrasound in the configuration and performance is relatively high , followed by Philips, followed by Siemens.

    GE's high-end mainly through multi-probe configuration to reflect the fact that some hospitals choose the high-end configuration of GE products , found that many are of no use to configure GE .

3 , after-sales service

In all investigations of personnel , there are more than half believe that GE 's service is not in place ; Philips and Siemens aftermarket customers get the most recognition , word of mouth is better than GE.

Personal opinion :

1 : Buy the machine to see your own needs, not the pursuit of a good machine too expensive machines , if they do not have access , so no need to buy a good non !

2 : Buy some multi- machine asking several of the agency's formal offer, the truth ultrasound quotes are generally relatively large difference , difference of hundreds of thousands of high-end machines are too met , hundreds of thousands of them ? Enough to buy a good machine. So buy some multi- machine inquire about the price, or who suffer is to buy the machine , but is disastrous .

3 : We believe that the full integration of these three brand machines , best quality , Siemens , Philips and then , finally, GE. Logically speaking, this perception is not wrong , but now many production machines where your attention , if not in foreign production , or is not the birthplace of the production in the factory , designated to produce , but in other countries , or where the new plant , might play some discounts on quality. Look production is very important.

4 : very important to look at the price to buy the machine , then the quality is very important , finally, after-sales service is very important, most machines had finally warranty repairs is very important. GE is usually up to the machines , Philips and Siemens out of the machine is relatively small. GE up to do on the market , the Philips also a lot to do , Siemens is comparatively less . This means that after the warranty period if you are not looking for factory repair, you buy GE, Philips, but think the whole system on the quality of their machines , their machine stability, long time with far less on Siemens . But their style , the function of the machine , more often than Siemens . This would look to buy your own stability is not so good , but relatively good repair , or buy a particularly good stability , repair estimate only find manufacturers , relatively speaking, would you find manufacturers so little . But in recent years, personal service , Siemens is also increased recently.

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