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CR x-ray machine maintenance repair maintenance MRI CT laser camera repair service

CR x-ray machine maintenance repair maintenance MRI CT laser camera repair service

Medical supply voltage generator maintenance repair display screen repair circuit board repair service

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x -ray is an X-ray generating apparatus , which is mainly composed of X -ray tube and the X -ray power supply and control circuit, etc. , and the X -ray tube and a cathode filament (Cathod) and anode target (Anode) and a vacuum tube composition , X-ray machine and the high voltage power supply can be divided into two parts of the filament power , wherein the filament heating power supply for the filament , high voltage power supply output terminal , respectively, and house the anode target cathode filament ends to provide a high voltage electric field filament accelerating the electron to the anode active target , forming a high-speed flow of electrons , the bombardment of the anode target surface is converted into heat 99% , 1% due to the generation of X-ray Compton effect .


Computer X -ray radiography (CR) is a digital X -ray technology is relatively mature , has been widely used in home and abroad. CR system can be recorded by using a laser read-out image information X -ray imaging plate (imaging plate; IP) as a carrier and exposed to X-ray information read process , or a flat sheet to form a digital image . The current CR system can provide the same resolution and screen --- film photography.


The basic composition of the laser structure and function of the camera the camera main laser from the laser generator , a signal processor , ultra light tone , optical scanners, and a film transport system for the film libraries. Modern medical laser camera is the most advanced medical imaging systems hardcopy technology. Currently widely used in CR, CT, MRI, DSA and other digital medical imaging equipment. Due to computer X -ray radiography (computed radioyraphy, CR) system using digital imaging technology , information can be obtained by the diagnostic requirements for image processing, for the long-term preservation and efficient retrieval of X -ray imaging offers the possibility .


CT is an English acronym , meaning there can be expressed : the weight of the unit carat gem , computer X -ray tomography , clotting time, power system current transformers , construction of hydropower installation, cross-stitch cloth , and resolution . English name : computed tomography CT is a fully functional condition detection equipment , which is an X-ray computer tomography short. CT of the work program is this: It is based on a different , high sensitivity instrumentation applications in different tissues of the body X-ray absorption and transmittance measurements of the human body , and then measuring the acquired data entry computer , computer to after data processing, the

CT machine
Images can be taken to check the body or parts of the three-dimensional cross-section found in any part of the body of small lesions.




 MRI magnetic resonance imaging technology is used in the medical field . The human body is very rich in water, different organizations , the water content is also different , if we can detect these water distribution information , we can draw a more complete picture of internal body structures , magnetic resonance imaging technology is through identifying the distribution of water molecules hydrogen signals to infer the distribution of water molecules in the body of man , and thus the internal structure of the human body detection technique .

NMR spectroscopy and molecular structure is different for identification, magnetic resonance imaging technology has changed is the strength of the applied magnetic field , rather than the frequency of the RF field . MRI magnetic field perpendicular to the main direction provides two mutually perpendicular magnetic field gradient , so that the magnetic field distribution in the body will change with changes in the spatial position , each location will have a different intensity in different directions magnetic field , so that in different parts of the body will have a hydrogen atom on the type of RF field signal of the reaction, the reaction of the recording and calculation processing to be possible to obtain information in the spatial distribution of water molecules , thereby obtaining an internal structure of the body images.

MRI technology also can be used with X -ray tomography (CT) combine to provide important data for clinical diagnosis and physiology , medical research.

MRI technology is a non-invasive detection technology , with respect to the X- ray fluoroscopy and radiation imaging techniques , MRI there is no radiation on the human body, with respect to the ultrasonic detection technology , magnetic resonance imaging clearer, more details can be displayed , in addition to compared to other imaging techniques , MRI is able to display not only tangible entity disease, but also on the brain , heart, liver and so accurate response determination . In the diagnosis of Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease , cancer and other diseases areas , MRI technology has played a very important role .

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