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Confessions of a doctor's inner China

I , 80, medical workers . We went through high school like college life , college students when other professionals in the Internet, shopping, makeup, watching movies, love , we soak in the self-study room all day , with a five-year ( undergraduate ) or eight years ( Master ) youth and book stacks of hundreds of pages of companionship , and finally graduated, got a job , one only makes you envious , has been cast aside your work . This is when a man makes a woman a man when animals make , but also a thankless job.

I'll give you a doctor , your illness recover quickly , you take it for granted ; your disease recover slowly, you think I'm a quack , was deliberately left you in the hospital, to earn a lot of money . You cured, do you think it should be , ungrateful ; once incurable disease , doctors immediately became a murderer , ranging to court , heavy retaliation was imputed . This is a natural process of birth and death . Moreover, some patients do not solve the current problems on the medicine , do you think the doctor is immortal, omnipotent , cure , cure the patient back to life , ah, I'm sorry, I am human , not god

I give you a comprehensive examination , you said I was over- check profiteering , the media tried to accuse me you evil ; I'll give you money , as little as possible to do checks , when a disease is not checked it out , and tell you
I said I negligent and irresponsible .

Your dependents elective surgery , you need to sign an agreement , you are afraid to take risks of surgery, has been reluctant to sign, the family finally you die, then you facing the media lens very angrily denounced the doctor , then the media also face justice geological Why not put the doctor asked the patient's life in the first place , why bother because a signature and a life wasted . Well, then, as a doctor , we change the kind of practice, we do not check whether you sign immediately before surgery, but if surgery fails it, I know that you will a nose a tear that we did not go through your physician agreed to without surgery, to your loved ones killed . Then you might also be called a large group of relatives and friends and even health professionals referred to the hospital , please pull the banner , placed wreaths , smashing the table , playing a doctor. I'd like to ask you, how do we physician before you satisfied with it ?
I also want to ask the media , since you can not do what they do in the case , regardless of right and wrong disguised as a righteous person .

You urgent need of blood transfusion , blood reserves are inadequate, there is a matching blood transfusions to people who say to you, we refused, when calling from outside the units of blood wasted your condition , then you are against us . And if we agreed immediately to the scene to take blood you lose , when infected with hepatitis, syphilis , HIV , etc., should you push this responsibility to us.
Is not it?

I walk the night from time to time in the ward , you think this is what I should do, I am too tired to take a nap you took my photos to the web , and then complained how corrupt the entire medical style . In surgery, the surgery is often busy for a whole day , and then went to work at night , tossing all night writing medical rescue sick , they still go to work the next morning nap . Why do not you try it this way dozens of consecutive hours of work , if you do not yawn , closed one eye , I'll die. In fact, this is the portrayal of many doctors working overtime do you think he had a lot of money to get ah , you also do good doctors , and more will try to get the money piled mountain. How many doctors so busy over a decade, mortgages are not even finished yet .
Do you think the media exposure of a red event , it means that all doctors have received endless red every day ah.

You pull the bell at midnight called the nurse, who came late you foul-mouthed , nurses are you spending money to buy a special service to give you what ? Dozens of patients a ward , she spent five minutes per person , how much time a lap down to ? Her all night in the ward back and forth, she is not 100 meters champion , to your bell rang she flew to the front of it? Had seen heavily pregnant nurse was called to the patient so forth , I ask you , would you like your pregnant wife so hard? But the nurse is no way this is her job , her responsibility , you have to thank her for working it?
We can sympathize with you as a patient 's mood , even if you understand the hard work of medical workers under okay ?

You would think that a doctor how how good , how how to make money. In fact, far less than the wages of doctors take a lot of jobs, but they have to work at night, to face patient abuse or assault, they have no national day , no May Day, no weekends , no summer vacation, New Year's Eve may also ward chew dry bread , hardly a day off to go to the ward also look good handle sick walk .
So if you hate doctors, then we collectively resign yourselves when doctors try, see for yourself how much better.

You too expensive medical expenses , but this medication has not doctors have the final say , it is the province under a unified , ah, what you also to blame the doctor , that we get a rebate ? !
Please do not say that drug costs are cheap , you sell so expensive , we are doctors took kickbacks ; bricks are also very cheap , prices are so expensive , is a construction worker took kickbacks ?

Many people have questioned why we had to check hepatitis series , syphilis, HIV , etc., because you at every turn of our complaints to the media accuse us, so we are afraid, we have to protect themselves, so we have to be hospitalized when you check these . Otherwise, if you are hospitalized before had hepatitis , syphilis or AIDS , but you do not know, we do not do laboratory tests , that after you are discharged from hospital discovered the disease , that time can be said is not clear.
You said in our hospital were infected , we do not advance the test results , it can only be depriving lose money and lose their jobs .

If there is next life, we are determined not to a doctor. We are doing sacred profession , but was spurned by you over and over again into the devil. We do well , you turn a blind eye negligible, we have a fault , you will see us with a magnifying glass , deliberately exaggerated hype . We also support the mother biological parents , why should by this gas ? ! We also have a family , there are old and small to take care of , but doing the hard work , holding a meager income , but also to live in fear , fear of accidentally being abusive , complaints, beaten, stabbed , being called "
earned the money selling cabbage , wore selling heroin sin . "

Yesterday night , the hospital to rescue a cervical spine fracture in a car accident when a patient no longer cardiopulmonary sent , which lasted nine hours , the patient died , the family doctor said to let the auspices of the rescue for life, Chelan his blood and sweat has soaked robes , as his hard- fought nine hours return.
Finally understand why the Lu Xun from medicine , the doctor is the failure to cure the Chinese people .

Borrow Mr. Cao Lao poem : Full of ridiculous statement , a bitter tears . Say good career in medicine , Flavor ?

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