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Beijing officially launched the "Beijing Chinese medicine health line service people."

Recently, the reporter learned from the Beijing Municipal Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine , to the end of this year , the city's community hospitals are all over 65 years old will be free for the elderly physical identification medicine resident , and accordingly tailor-made for the elderly and health care guidance. In addition, children less than 3 years old will also enjoy two free Chinese medicine nursed back to health services. The city two , three Chinese medicine hospital should have a "disease " service platform, autumn and winter , two , three Chinese Medicine Hospital cream party to carry out services .

65 years old enjoy free prescriptions

Reporters learned from the Beijing Municipal Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine , Beijing has officially launched the " Beijing Chinese medicine health line service people ," including suburban lines , community and cultural lines lines . By the end of this year, the coverage of medicine and health management services to the target population reached 30%.

It is understood that , as the main content community lines , by the end of this year, all community health service institutions have jurisdiction , " one old and one small" to provide management services to the pharmaceutical and healthcare . According to reports, these services will be borne by community doctors of traditional Chinese medicine , for which the county will be designated as a community of large Chinese Medicine Hospital team training base , so that the community general practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine master basic service skills .

Among them, " an old " refers to the physical identification provides free medicine for the area resident over 65 years old. TCM will be divided into eight kinds of human physique , each with a different conditioning methods. In the future, the elderly in community hospitals by doctors inquiries and fill out the questionnaire , which is what ultimately recognize constitution . Will be listed in the " List of health ", such as diet, exercise and taboos on the health of elderly people get prescription .

Less than 3 years old children enjoy free medicine nursed back to health

In addition, this year , children less than 3 years old , will be able to enjoy two free medicine nursed back to health services at the community hospital. Community health services to children with physical characteristics and pathogenesis for guiding children's guardian guidance to carry out activities of daily living , diet nursed back to health and common points of rubbing to achieve the purpose of enhancing the child's physical health.

Beijing science team will be set up in the community , by the community health service institutions of traditional Chinese medicine , pharmacy and three to seven officers, health care to community residents impart knowledge, to promote Wuqinxi , Ba Duan Jin , tai chi and other exercise. Science team will use microblogging , forums, online services for the residents once a week , the dissemination of health knowledge, answering questions . Community science team will also hold a large auditorium, family medicine training ten thousand health workers .

Twenty-three Hospital of cream party services are open

According to reports, including patching , Paste , cupping , massage and other preventive health projects are one of the pharmaceutical specialty services. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration requires the city , the city's two, three Chinese medicine hospital must have a "disease " service platform to provide health care services to the public .

Meanwhile, the hospital to arrange for experts with extensive knowledge of health care , including the elderly , pediatrics, gynecology and other professional and consulting services to the public health . Autumn and winter , two , three Chinese Medicine Hospital cream party to carry out the service , have set up special units to provide Paste Paste prescription service , be prepared to have all three conditions of Chinese Medicine Hospital cream party .

TCM mobile hospital moved into the village residents of the home

In the first half of this year, Beijing has mountains and the seven counties Mid opened all medicine mobile hospital , get healthy for mountain residents underserved . Each mobile hospital from the two buses a modified composition , Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital and other seven major counterparts in helping seven TCM caravan .

Chinese Medicine Hospital will be based on three different spectrum of disease and medical needs in each village , selected key specialty hospital of traditional Chinese medicine experts set up mobile hospital service team of experts to follow more than two rounds each . Three Chinese Medicine Hospital also conducts health management in each village at least one disease , such as diabetes, hypertension , etc., for the villagers to establish health records and health intervention guidance on how to adjust their diet, exercise, improve the health of the villagers .

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