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Bai Yansong: Let the medical front lines can be aloof in China
" When the doctor to practice martial arts to protect themselves , and when the doctor diagnosed each be fitted with a monitor station at the time ? Us to ask the doctor this huge , accustomed to caring for other people's groups , who come to comfort them? "
" Today, I still clearly remember the events of last 3.23 HMU injury doctors brought me shocked and worried. After the incident , I found the online message actually more than 80% of the sound is schadenfreude , happily , for the crime in suspects applause . evening I did a show , I take the topic , called " we are likely to be the murderer ." for the time when you have not stood in a position to make a proper evaluation , do we not has become accomplices it? "

August 16 , hosted by the China Hospital Association 's " 2013 China Hospital Forum" opening ceremony, the famous CCTV host Bai Yansong show appearances , causing the next field applause.
In this health care managers in the audience as the main meeting room , he told a series of injuries since last year 's analysis of health events , as well as the establishment of the "Doctor 's Day" appeal , but also triggered a lot of recognition.

It seems that the one person , how to build a trust , the trust 's doctor-patient relationship has become an issue of contemporary China is not immune .
Medical injury event occurred , and even the medical community filled with hatred mentality will eventually allow patients to their own hurt.

"In fact, back when I was more worried about the whole society to the hospital , a doctor's rebellious , even when standing on the opposite , in fact, the ultimate victims are not doctors , but potentially every possible future patients.
so if you can not clearly understand this point , we both may become the murderer everyone , it is possible and inevitable future will become the new victims . "

One person said, "When the doctor to practice martial arts to protect themselves , and when the doctor diagnosed each be fitted with a monitor station at the time ? Us to ask the doctor this huge , accustomed to caring for other people's groups , who to soothe them
it? "

The opening ceremony, Bai Yansong once again strongly urge the establishment of "Doctor Day ." As a CPPCC National Committee member , one person during the "two sessions" in 2003 have a proposal , wants the state to break a ring set up "Doctor Day" , on the one hand , the formation of the community's respect for the maintenance of our illness and death of the medical profession ; the other hand,
allow doctors to think, to reflect on how to better their career .

The following is the essence of this presentation Bai Yansong :

In talking about the ethical and moral level, do not fly

Anything to discuss the ethical and moral dimension is not reliable. There are a lot of people say that Chinese people's hearts at this time is a moral landslide , very bad. No, I think humanity is almost no major changes, we are now Chinese people 's humanity is not much worse than a hundred years ago , the number will not be better than a hundred years . The problem is that human nature has good things and bad things , to see what activates the environment. If the ambient activated for good things, may be more positive energy society , the formation of self-restraint, to show everyone more moral thing ; But if social surroundings , and related constraint is not enough, the active presence of people had a bad heart
those things will chaos .

Chinese people so that Americans also do so.

Back to Chinese medical profession , do not face this same problem? We say that no one falls among the elderly help them , we say that the Chinese people are really bad , is it? If the Chinese health insurance and pension insurance has covered every old , you look after the old man fell, people help him, he would not be correct , certainly not . China 's elderly fear for their children trouble , almost as a religious child , when his one falls, fractures , when realized , the mind immediately thought : bad to surgery , to two or three million dollars, give yourself
children trouble , this time his mind all messed up , no stretch his hand will be treated as a panic among the straw .

We may say that what you say is not necessarily right, and then tell you a right, as long as 20 years ago, China two cars hit a bump down two drivers , why fight loser determines how compensation. Now you see two cars a hit down the war there are several ? Even quite a scene is very warm, two car knocked down a little annoyed , but to the side , handed a cigarette, which is you , the security number a copy bye , now compulsory third party insurance, so the Chinese people in crash the degree of civilization after the integration with the world has been almost . Why this sudden noble aspects of our moral ?
Is the system brings .

Back to the topic , if a good anesthesiologist by honest labor, and enjoy the benefits of high- income people as a class in the enjoyment of it, he must be clean and honest , everyone is willing to be honest and upright heart , because he has a sense of security . When he wants to break clean and honest , when in reality a lot of problems because of persecution originally wanted to be honest and upright people who rely on technology to eat , had to face the so-called universal condemnation of society requires . So I think the vast majority of doctors are innocent , we must give understanding.
If a community group in charge of all of illness and death was a huge misunderstanding , fear, escape , when the victim will be us.

Compassion soothing and moisturizing patients

Medicine is a science, not theology , it never existed one hundred percent correct , so when the doctor if there is no real pressure, no doctor-patient relationship trouble , he would have responsibility for each patient , responsible middle of a fairly large sign is 50% and 50% may also be impossible situation, he would choose to try adventure . But in the current environment , under medical malpractice , doctor-patient relationship so bad premise adventure doctor can also choose not to take risks , and finally the patient is not clear, but the bad luck of his own , originally owned 50% of the hope finally becomes
come to nothing , those who are unlucky ?

Here I would like to say to the patient 's soothing system.
We did move to China, reported many excellent doctors, doctors discovered that the great medical skills in addition to outside , has a heart of compassion to soothe and moisturize the patient.

There is an old doctor's story is very touching. In the course of his life in practice , any time he will be on his stethoscope to warm the body , and then put on the patients stomach , because he did not want the patient to feel it was a hard guy , do not want to make them feel cool.
On such a movement, then let's tears , which is a soothing function.

Now many doctors and patients because of a lack of emotional conflict is actually a lubricant , in patients who had not given a certain amount of anxiety is very soothing . In Taiwan, many hospitals have a huge number of social workers , the patient to the hospital , there will be social Wenhanwennuan help them successfully for treatment, the patient is always in a stable emotional state , does not appear anxious , because any doubts and need help can
get help.

And on this point we are now doing is not enough , I would particularly like to grow rapidly in the future of this social organization. Many medical problems are not able to solve their own health care system alone , you need to cooperate with other organizations in the community .
I am the vice president of the Chinese Young Volunteers Association , I would like to next year as a CPPCC member may be related to this proposal .

So society should stand to look at a higher level health care reform is a level of understanding is another level, how the whole society to create a better atmosphere, so that the medical community is becoming increasingly apparent in the challenge which play a more important
role , restore the role of the doctor had the whole society should think about.

Support , support for medical Does not that give their future more faith? I think we will be the ultimate beneficiaries of the support and medical support . Because each of us to go through the whole process of illness and death , please you , thank you !

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