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Yum charm 15/20/25/30/40/50/60/70/90

ab ™ 15/20 is Yum latest compact ultrasound system control panel.

MyLab ™ 15 and MyLab ™ 15 CW are two high-performance color Doppler ultrasound, can be reduced to black and white with super.

MyLab ™ 20 and MyLab ™ 20 PLUS is a high-sensitivity color Doppler platform.

With real-time three synchronous, real-time double width. The modern powerful diagnostic tools and high-performance high-quality two-dimensional image transducer can meet a variety of specialized medical field.

MyLab ™ 15/20 can be equipped with convex array, linear array and intracavitary probe, including Yum exclusive big fan 200 ° wide viewing angle of the probe.

Support USB interface, support for embedded USB storage images quickly and easily excuse. Real-time dynamic image storage, playback, and can output images in various formats via USB or printer.



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