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Patient relationship tension - East China only 10% of patients trust doctors
Recent health events occur frequently in patients with injuries , " white violence " continues to stimulate public nerve. " Hospital doctors workplace violence injuries Survey " report shows the past few years , cases of hospital doctors increasingly violent injuries , occurred in 2012, 11 cases a year , but in late October this year, including medical records , including injuries Wenling , has there are six doctors from patient injury events . What kind of hatred and conflict in order to enable patients to knives and fists waving in the doctor 's office ?
Medical injury cases doctor-patient relationship , lack of trust
Difficult to find, three hospitals, a regional center hospital medical malpractice hardest hit. Such large hospital clinics , difficult and more dangerous disease , once inconsistent with the expected therapeutic effect in patients prone to conflict ; There are some patients ranked team twenty-three hours , the doctor sent the thirty-five minutes , disgruntled , no see
some doctors one day to see dozens of numbers, not even water Ganhe !
Medical events behind the vicious wounds , is to reduce the doctor-patient relationship of trust .
According to the survey results of a hospital in east China 30 -patient relationship showed that only 10% of patients trust doctors .
Many people and friends of injuries occurred frequently in recent years the medical incident outraged . Netizen " blue fluttering " , said: "After the doctors dare to do so will only increase the focus on the doctor of the hospital's sense of social distrust ? ." Chen said the people , who will do justice to the medical staff ?
Medical personnel are trying to save the lives of others every day , who to protect their lives and safety ?
According to the latest Survey recently released a practicing physician , and China 78% of doctors do not want their children to a career in medicine . Coincidentally, on the eve of this year's survey Nurses joint provincial newspaper in more than a dozen hospitals to carry out for the frequent occurrence of injuries doctors , many doctors and nurses surveyed some disheartened , and firmly said: "It must not
allow their children to embark on a career in medicine this road . " some doctors and nurses want to leave.
Explore the causes of patient grievances, lack of communication
In fact, many innocent victims doctors precisely that reason that some people no longer when the attack .
Some patients with perennial trouble Your Choice interrogation , grievances and anger pressure in the chest , sometimes a little hard on the doctor , or a little trick could lead to resentment , and then evolved into a violent injury medicine.
At the same time , misdiagnosis misuse, the high cost of treatment , medical staff attitude was poor also " fuse ."
A medical malpractice data of Beijing People's Mediation Committee showed its establishment more than two years , the hospital has more than 1,800 cases of responsibility , over half of the medical malpractice Hospital of negligence .
Medical resources is also an important reason for the imbalance of supply and demand contradiction between doctors and patients prone .
Data show that 80 percent of the country 's medical resources are concentrated in large cities, of which 30% is concentrated in large hospitals , large hospital clinics onerous task inevitably affect the quality of care.
Due to the lack of medical resources and too extremely concentrated, which makes many doctors mental and physical exhaustion , the patient's questions and concerns will inevitably perfunctory. The most direct cause of conflict is precisely a lack of communication between doctors and patients . For the analysis of a general hospital with medical complaints show : More than 70 percent of medical malpractice and doctor-patient communication is not in place relevant , only about 20 % of cases and medical technologies.
Devoted to a survey of 12 hospitals in Changsha city medical malpractice case in 2007 revealed that the medical side causes and reasons for suffering caused by medical malpractice parties were 49.07% and 50.93% .
Initiatives to deal with security, enhance services
Recently, the State Planning Commission, the United Methodist Emergency Ministry of Public Security issued " on the strengthening of the hospital security system construction guidance" , the hospital should not be less than the total number of beds in a post medical personnel security standard 3% or 20 equipped .
Even with the security police to maintain order in the hospital is not the first practice .
Needless to mind more than theory, but the security police admitted how much effect ?
Reporters learned that , as a harmonious doctor-patient relationship , the hospitals are seeking ways to skills : the Hunan Provincial People 's Hospital and a number of three hospitals , has a clearly defined, patient medical expenses exceeded, the department will be deducted penalty . This means that patients spend with the doctor may inversely proportional to income ; Hunan Provincial Tumor Hospital, civilized service evaluation management system introduced as a new patient communication platform for information means expanding patient communication channels , building a harmonious doctor-patient relationship ; Central South University Second Xiangya Hospital, insisted that " the hospital open day " so that the general public to learn more about the hospital ; Changsha Central Hospital Dr. Zeng Zuzhi nurse to patient identity to the city's large provincial hospital and doctor in the various feelings projection
into their next practice, a way to get through empathy medical treatment of patients more comfortable.
In interviews, many industry insiders have said how to further enhance communication between doctors and patients , the community needed to be done .
On the one hand , patients need to grow more health knowledge , understanding and with the behavior of the doctor's clinic ; hand, hospitals have multiple skills, through more humane measures to enable patients to see a doctor more comfortable and smooth.
Ministry of Public Security : resolutely stop violent crime
According to Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, October 31 - Reporter learned from the Ministry of Public Security , for the case of multiple violations of medical personnel from the recent cases , the Ministry of Public Security issued a special notice of the request , and in conjunction with the Ministry of Health and Family Planning Commission held a meeting on the implementation of the two ministries "Guiding opinions on Strengthening the construction of the hospital's security system " to make arrangements . Ministry of Public Security requirements, the public security organs should always adhere to the "zero tolerance " against the law to crack down on various criminal acts of the medical staff , medical staff and resolutely curb the abuse of the criminal acts occurred .
Violent crimes are being implemented , will take decisive measures to stop the law firm .
The official said that the attitude of the public security organs to combat health -related crimes , protect the legitimate rights of both doctors and patients , to maintain the normal order of the hospital is clear and firm . For the current medical malpractice and doctor-patient conflicts still prominent , it is recommended hospitals at all levels to further strengthen itself , to prevent and reduce all kinds of conflicts and disputes from the source , enhance patient communication , smooth channels for complaints , properly resolve relevant patient demands . Meanwhile , to further improve the medical dispute mediation mechanism , open, fair and properly resolve conflicts, appeal to the community and the masses more care, support and health services, understanding , caring medical workers, the joint efforts of the whole society , and actively building a harmonious doctor-patient relationship create a good medical environment.

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