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Digital health tools to improve the efficiency of traditional medical inquiry
It is predicted to assess the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health : In the near future , patient interaction and medical systems will be based more on online tools that will reduce the direct advice to doctors to improve interrogation efficiency. Research was supported by the Federal Foundation , forecasts published in November 's "Health Affairs" journal .

Thanks to the rise of health tracking applications, with electronic health record systems and telemedicine , online medical tool to usher in rapid development.
The researchers say that these devices and systems will change communication between doctors and patients , if 30% of community hospitals adopt electronic health records, these changes are expected to occur in the future :

Doctors interrogation efficiency, the number of patients a day services increased by 4 % to 9 % over the past

Reduce the workload of physician assistants and nurse practitioners , the day can reduce about 4 % -7 % of the work report

Reduce physician workload about 2% -55 , the general treatment can be done by general practitioners

Through telemedicine and digital communication, patient services increased by 12 percent in the past

The research team also said that if physicians wider use of electronic diagnostic tools , these forecasts will be higher. Jonah main thesis of Health · Winona (Jonathan Weiner) in the newspaper wrote: " When these tools combined together into the future health class IT technology also can solve the problem of physician 's reserves ."

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