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Prenatal ultrasound must be "softly"

Respect the child " has become the consensus of many parents and the whole adult world , but in many people's understanding , the" respect for the child "is a child born from the beginning , in the prenatal period to respect the rights of the baby , but little attention. Harbin Medical Professor Cai Yan fourth Affiliated Hospital of the University of obstetrics director has called : " respect for the child from the mother really started . "

Blind check- bred environment harassment

Professor Cai Yan said, now four-dimensional (4D) ultrasound are many pregnant women " Fengruo treasure ." More simply , 4D ultrasound imaging parameters is to add a time dimension to produce a DVD image on the basis of 3D ultrasound images . Since the recording of this DVD takes a long time, so the fetus will be a long time exposed to ultrasound environment, pregnant women, there will be fatigue, so easy to damage the intrauterine environment .

" Prenatal necessary and must be carried out under the premise of science ." Professor Cai Yan suggested that the absence of special circumstances , pregnant mothers throughout pregnancy requires only 4 to 5 times ultrasound. In the first 6 to 8 weeks of pregnancy , the purpose of the investigation ectopic pregnancy ( ectopic pregnancy ) or abnormal pregnancy ( mole ) , etc. , to understand embryonic survival situation ; the second time in 11 to 14 weeks gestation , mainly to check the transparency of the fetal neck (NT), and combined with maternal serology assess the risk of fetal chromosomal abnormalities ; the third time in 18 to 24 weeks gestation , the main purpose is to systematically check fetal development and screening for fatal malformation , the more important this time check , the doctor should see some more detail than before ; fourth and fifth in the 32 to 38 weeks , the purpose is to exclude developmental abnormalities that may occur in late pregnancy , cord blood flow to understand the situation , to assess the safety of the fetus in utero , the choice of delivery for clinicians provide reference timing and manner .

Check-ups must be humane

Cai Yan , director also said that the fetus is about 28 weeks pregnant , the auditory system has evolved much more perfect . Warm body in the mother , the baby is not only able to hear the heartbeat and the parent organization creepy sounds , and even heard some movement outside world, such as talking, music , the sound of car horns . However, the sweet and harsh voice brought the baby to feel completely different, even sweet music to stimulate long time will become noise. Therefore , the examination must be done obstetrician humane, to avoid the " barbaric" checks bring " noise ."

Professor Cai Yan explained that , compared to the previously used traditional way earpiece to listen to the fetal heart , Doppler ultrasound can more clearly and accurately amplify fetal heart tones . Since many pregnant mothers very much like to hear your baby's heartbeat in check , so some doctors will check the amount of Doppler sound was very large , then a lot of the fetus in pregnant women feel fetal movement . Pregnant mothers who thought it was the performance of active baby , so overjoyed. However, this is likely to be a reaction to the baby can not bear the noise . So , do the Doppler examination, the doctor should be as softly , to prevent excessive damage intrauterine sounds quiet environment , and this is humanity , respect fetus performance. Meanwhile , mothers also must pay attention to the abdomen away from the noise source .

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